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A fresh look at the news stories of your youth
Dolly the sheep: Gone but not forgotten.

Terri Schiavo. Richard Jewell. Dolly the sheep.

Remember those headlines that dominated at the time--before sort of fading into obscurity?

Here to bring modern perspective to such historical events is Retro Report, a year-old website that streams fascinating short documentaries about classic news stories.

With a staff that hails from 60 Minutes, CNN and The New York Times, Retro Report has a familiar and confidence-inspiring format. But what you won?t get from more traditional news outlets is a critical look at how those issues were covered way back when--and what the media got wrong.

Take, for instance, the 1980s mania about ?crack babies.? Retro Report?s recent 10-minute video explores the way this paranoia was taken out of context (often to prosecute drug-addicted pregnant women) and--more shockingly--how the specultaion turned out to be totally false: Most infants exposed to crack cocaine grew up to be just fine, cognitively speaking.

Other recent videos take on the Challenger explosion, Three Mile Island and the 2003 blackout--all with a skepticism one only gains with hindsight.

Where to start? We love the episode dedicated to Y2K insanity. Mostly because it reminds us of all those Evian bottles we crazily hoarded.

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