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Find the songs played on your favorite TV shows
Must know what song Bert is singing!

Scenario: You’re finally catching up on Mad Men Season 7 and you hit the scene in Episode 1 where Don gets all cool-guy in the Los Angeles airport. You could swear you know that song playing in the background, but you can’t for the life of you remember what it’s called. (It goes “da, doo da da.” Does that help?) Either way, it’s going to haunt you forever if you don’t figure it out.

Solution: TuneFind.

TuneFind is an online community committed to cataloging every song in just about every TV program ever. To look something up, simply plug in the name of the show, locate the specific episode, then scroll through the song titles until you reach the one you’re after--you can click to listen should you want to.

Much like Wikipedia, TuneFind relies on users to submit songs and then police accuracy. So if a person erroneously credits the killer jam in the Orphan Black premiere to Rihanna, it’ll be corrected quickly. (FYI: It’s “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.)

With more than 18,600 episodes and movies comprehensively cited, TuneFind’s selection is awfully robust. And though they don’t have every obscure show known to man (sorry, Alf), we’re still pretty darn impressed.

(The Mad Men song was “I’m a Man,” by the way.)

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