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Athos breaks down your workout
See that doodad on her thigh? It's tracking her every move.

From Fitbits to FuelBands, there’s no shortage of gadgets designed to track your well-being.

In other words, it takes something special for us to notice a new one.

Enter Athos, now taking preorders for fall delivery.

Like its competitors, Athos can track things like heart rate and respiratory performance. But what it’s really good for is measuring accurate form and muscle performance (i.e., the parts of your workouts where you may be inclined to cheat).

Here’s how it works: Before hitting the gym, slip the palm-sized gadget ($199) inside your special compression shirt ($99) or capris ($99). The gadget will use EMG sensors to record all of your movements--from those 15 painful push-ups to those brutal burpees your boot-camp instructor is always demanding. (It also knows when you’re stretching or pausing between sets.)

You can review your performance right on your iPhone, either in real time or after the fact, if that’s more your speed. In addition to an overall workout summary, you’ll get detailed data on which muscles you sculpted, how many reps you did and whether you’re working your body evenly.

We’re always accidentally shifting our weight into our quads, in case you were wondering.

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