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You know the feeling: You decide to work out (hooray!), you open your gym clothes/pajama drawer and...nothing.

Well, not nothing, but rather a sad collection of stretched-out sports bras, holey leggings and college T-shirts that date you more than you?d like to admit.

It?s official: You need some new garb.

That?s where Dick?s Sporting Goods? Spring 2014 Women?s Collection comes in, complete with a snazzy new website that?ll have you pining for new exercise gear--and the ability to tackle a set of burpees with ease.

Between the motivating videos and get-moving quotes, Dick?s Sporting Goods provides everything you need--including some insanely fun pants and fancy new sneaks--to hit the pavement. (And the mat, barre and gym, but we?ll save those for a rainy day.)

So click on over, psych yourself up (we recommend the envy-inducing vinyasa yoga video) and get moving. You can always sport one of those faded old tees after you get home from that workout.

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