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Relieve foot pain with Still Standing spray
The Citizens of Fashion

You leave your house at 8 a.m. wearing your ?Who?s the boss?? stilettos. Man, I look good, you think as you strut into the office. Fast-forward to 5 p.m. and your Heidi Klum gait now resembles that of Quasimodo.

You need relief, stat. (And no, we?re not referring to commuting sneakers.) We?re talking about Still Standing foot spray.

This purse-sized bottle ($20 for a set of four) contains a clear gel formula made from aloe, arnica and ilex (plant-based anti-inflammatories) that gives your feet the same feeling you had back at 8 a.m.--you know, before they were a sweaty, swollen mess.

To use, simply spray the top, sides and bottom of your feet with the tingling, cooling mist as soon as you feel discomfort. The formula soothes your feet without numbing them, and the comfort lasts up to four hours. (Note: We recommend spraying in a ventilated area, since the stuff smells awfully menthol-y.)

Although Still Standing can?t help in the way of blisters (sorry), we found the spray is really great for helping to shrink your feet back to their non-inflamed state. It also works almost like a topical Advil to mask pain and help you soldier on.

The things we do in the name of fashion.

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