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As much as we love the ease of point-and-shoot digital cameras, there's nothing as sentimental as an old-fashioned photograph.

But for those of us who don't own (or remember how to operate) vintage camera gear, there are now many new and easy ways to get that retro look without foregoing the convenience of modern technology.

For starters, we're completely taken with Lomography's just-launched Sprocket Rocket ($89), an iconic-looking compact camera that takes standard 35mm film and boasts a super-wide angle lens for gorgeous panoramas and a revolutionary reverse gear for shooting multiple photos in one frame.

And there's good news on the instant gratification front too: Polaroids are back. Both the Fuji Instax 7S ($120) and new Polaroid 300 ($90) use the self-developing film you're familiar with (in a smaller size), but the cameras now come in several colors and have been modernized with lighter frames and automatic flash.

Finally, if you want the look without the gear, try Hipstamatic, a thoroughly addictive iPhone app ($2) that provides a variety of lenses, film, and flash settings with the swipe of your finger. Think beautiful iPhone pics that evoke a pre-cell phone era.

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