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Tips for getting fit on the fly
Get your namaste on.

You know those days when you eat healthily, are super-productive at work, finish your errands and crush your workout, all in time to ensure eight glorious hours of sleep?

Nope? Neither do we.

Seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But as much as we’d like to use our hectic schedules as an excuse--especially when it comes to hitting the gym--we know that’s not really an option.

So that’s why we were psyched to team up with Dick’s Sporting Goods to bring you “Peak Performance,” a handy guide chock-full of tips and tricks that make squeezing a workout into your busy day a breeze.

Getting fit has never been this simple--from the secret workout you can do while waiting in line for your morning latte to the genius service that lets you stream workout videos right to your computer, tablet or TV.

So click on over, lace up your sneakers and get your sweat on--to the pumped-up sounds of our killer playlists, of course.

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