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An easy way to share your real-time travel route
This is what your mother looks like when she's waiting for you.

Your mom: She’s a worrier. Which is why when you said you’d be home at seven and walked through the door at 7:22, she had pretty much started writing your eulogy.

Save her the heartache by downloading Routeshare.

Routeshare is a free new iPhone app that lets you share a driving route with just about anyone, along with your real-time location and ETA.

Upon downloading, simply plug in a destination address and choose how often you want Routeshare to update your coordinates. (We went with every 30 seconds.)

Then, when you’re ready to hit the road, press “start” and opt to share your route via text, email, Facebook or Twitter. Your recipient will receive a link to view your journey in real time, and whenever they check said link, they’ll see your little blue dot moving right along. They’ll get updated ETAs based on your travel speed--or, let’s be honest, how often you stop to go to the bathroom--and they’ll, of course, be alerted once you’ve reached your destination.

All of which means your mother can use her neurotic energy for something far more productive. Say, obsessing over your brother’s new forearm tattoo.

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