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How five successful women made their mark
Lesley Stahl on assignment for "60 Minutes"

In our world of instant gratification, the path to success should be an easy one, right? Wrong. In fact, setbacks are a given. (And we’re not just talking about that time you accidentally hit “reply all” to the whole office.)

As it turns out, those bumps in the road are actually a good thing.

We recently teamed up with the high-performance skin-care experts at RoC® to bring you “Secrets of Their Success.” This hub features five amazingly accomplished women, all of whom have faced challenges--in work, life, friendships--and emerged stronger and more determined than before.

Who would have thought that 60 Minutes’ Emmy-winning Lesley Stahl was once told she’d fall flat on her face in broadcast journalism or that The View’s Sherri Shepherd got her diabetes under control thanks to her son?

Along with each of these tales, the site is also peppered with tidbits of advice from all the women on how to make the most of any situation. (Hint: You can learn to love kale). And just as RoC® skin care was created to keep up with your goal-oriented lifestyle, this sage advice is here to help keep you motivated along the way.

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