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Glasses you can adjust to any prescription
A little to the left...

As anyone with crappy vision knows, locating your glasses is often half the battle. (?Did I leave them in the car?? ?Did I drive over them with the car??) And having a backup pair is never a bad idea.

But what if we told you this spare pair could also double as your husband?s... or your sister?s... or your blind-as-a-bat grandmother?s?

That?s the idea behind Adlens, a company that makes ready-to-wear glasses that can be adjusted and readjusted to anyone?s prescription.

Initially developed for vision-impaired people in the developing world, Adlens Adjustables ($59) feature a tiny dial at the hinge of each arm. Turn the dial forward or backward to make the lens come into focus, then wear the glasses as you would any other pair of specs. Simply readjust the dials should you want to loan them out--or should your own prescription change.

Though these glasses aren?t exactly fashion-forward (the Adlens team swears cuter versions are coming soon), they definitely work. We tested them on both far- and nearsighted peepers and found that while Adlens glasses aren?t as foolproof as your ?real? optometrist-made pair, they do get you pretty close to 20/20 vision.

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