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Start your day with the world's strangest alarm clock
Time to get up, sleepyhead.

If there?s one thing we learned from ScarJo in Her, it?s that humanoid operating systems will soon be invading our dreams, memories and emotional subconscious.

So why not embrace the A.I. revolution?

Enter The Early Edition, a new iPhone app ($2) that?s anything but your standard alarm clock.

Set The Early Edition at night, and you?ll be awakened the next day by a soothing British female voice (Miranda), who will call you by name and tell you to ?Get up, get up, get up.? From there, she?ll rattle off details about the local weather (?It is overcast now; it will be overcast later?), international news and generally interesting factoids (?There are more French restaurants in New York than Paris?)--all to the tune of ambient and calming electronic dream-synth.

Though you can, of course, turn off The Early Edition whenever you?d like, we think it?s worth letting Miranda do her thing for a while. Once she makes it through all the major headlines, she starts saying weird yet flattering things, like ?I prefer your face to mine? and ?I think you have perfect bone structure.?

She even wrote us a poem:

Oceanic locomotives/You cry oceans/Get some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

That?s deep for first thing in the morning.

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