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You knew online dating had lost its stigma the day your 80-year-old receptionist joined OKCupid. (Username: GrannyPanties.)

After all, it’s how most people meet these days--and it’s way less creepy than picking up a dude in a bar, when you think about it.

Here to take the concept one step further is AllPaws, a free online matchmaking service for adopting rescue pets. (And aren’t pets your real true love anyway?)

Get started by plugging in your zip code and picking the type of animal you want--dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, etc. The site will then pull up all up-for-adoption pets in your area, which you can narrow down by creating filters for things like breed, age and fur length. You can even specify if you want a pet that’s housebroken, vaccinated or particularly good with children.

Once you’ve found a potential mate, message the shelter or rescue organization directly and set up a time to meet.

Like all matchmaking services, things work best when you also fill out a profile (many people who are looking to re-home pets want to see the size of your family or expanse of your lawn).

And do try to be honest, people. Rover will know if that profile pic is 15 years out of date.

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