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Narratively brings you human-interest stories
A Holi celebration in India.
Andrea de Franciscis

Dear Ira Glass,

We love you. We love human-interest stories. We love the idea of multiple yarns centered on one comprehensive theme like “prom” or “camp.”

That’s why we really think you (and all of your pals at This American Life) are going to get a kick out of Narratively.

Narratively is a website dedicated to untold human stories. Each week, Narratively picks a theme (say “Life on the Run” or “Unsolved Mysteries”) and publishes one story per day based on said theme. It might be a piece of long-form journalism. It might be a photo or video essay. It might be a fascinating comic strip about an animal-genitalia researcher.

In any case, each piece focuses on a regular person with an extraordinary story--not breaking news or the next big headline.

Here’s a taste: A recent week dedicated to “Art in Strange Places” featured a profile of a hipster bagpipe maker, an article about a secret L.A. comedy club and a five-minute video about a medical-school art teacher.

The writing and filmmaking are top-notch, and these are stories you truly won’t find anywhere else.

Have we sold you yet, Ira? You can thank us by calling the PureWow offices and speaking soothingly about NPR fund-raisers.

Hugs and kisses,

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