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What you need to know about Equal Pay Day
That was then, this is now.

As an informed, savvy lady, we’re guessing you already know that today is National Equal Pay Day. And we’re guessing you know that President Obama has just signed into law two new directives designed to help close the wage gap. (One prohibits federal contractors from punishing employees who discuss their pay. A second requires these same contractors to provide summary data on compensation, broken out by race and gender.)

While these are obviously major steps forward--and policies that are sure to trickle down to the private sector--there’s still lots of work to be done. Here, a few of the most sobering statistics:

77 cents: Amount full-time working women make for every dollar earned by their male counterparts

60: Number of extra days women would have to work per year to account for this discrepancy

50: Percentage of workers who say that talking about wage and salary information could get them in trouble with their bosses

46: Percentage of men who negotiate their salary

30: Percentage of women who negotiate their salary

$937: Average weekly salary of a female elementary school teacher

$1,025: Average weekly salary of a male elementary school teacher

80: Percentage of elementary school teachers who are women

2058: Year when the gender pay gap will finally close (if we continue to “progress” at the current rate)

Sources:, The Institute for Women’s Policy Research, The Pew Research Center,

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