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A website for tracking billionaires? investments
Billionaires make the best investments.

Warren Buffett may not be paying you a billion dollars for completing a perfect basketball bracket. But now his investing secrets are up for anyone to grab.

At least that’s the idea behind iBillionaire, a new website that tracks the stock-market moves of billionaires like George Soros, Daniel Loeb and--yes--Mr. Buffett himself.

But why would you want to monitor a bazillionaire’s investments, you ask? Well, here’s the thing: These guys regularly outperform the market to a kind of crazy extent. And if you were to follow in their footsteps, you absolutely would too. (Had you copied Buffett by buying one share of Wells Fargo back in 2000, your return in 2013 would have been +114%.)

On the iBillionaire site, you can follow some 20 billionaires’ every move and sign up for alerts when they buy, sell or trade. (This is all public info.) But the coolest feature is definitely the iBillionaire Index, a collection of 30 stocks in which these tycoons have the most allocated assets. There’s a whole lotta tech on the list, as you might imagine.

Set up your portfolio to mimic said index and it will most likely go up. The iBillionaire Index would have gained 42% last year--compared with the S&P 500’s +29%.

Go on, be a copycat.

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