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We need to talk about your electric bill.

So boring, right?

Exactly. Which is why you forget to pay it for five months at a time, leading the electric company to charge you $70 in late fees while threatening to cut off power to your house. (Remember, you need electricity to watch The Americans.)

Enter Mobilligy.

Mobilligy is a free app that helps you consolidate and pay all of your bills, all in one place. Get started by linking up the monthly bills you ordinarily pay--utilities, phone, gym membership, etc. (Just select your provider from a list and then enter the login info you already use for those sites). Next, set up a payment method--either a bank account or credit card--so you can pay directly from the Mobilligy app.

From then on, you’ll get a notification whenever you have a new bill and you can pay everything instantly with just a few taps. Should you not pay said bill, you’ll get nudgy reminders until you do. Plus, the app makes it easy to track your past charges and see your spending history over time.

Worried about so blithely handing over all of your secret passwords? Mobilligy is quick to assure users that everything is protected with bank-level encryption.

In other words, you either trust it or you don’t. But either way, you can’t deny the convenience factor.

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