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Lock in flight prices without committing to buy
I'm ready to paaaaarteeee... because I locked in my airfare before I bought tickets.

Scenario: You know you need to fly to cousin Al?s wedding in Atlanta the weekend of the 12th. You?re just not sure if you want to get in Friday and leave Sunday, or arrive Saturday and depart Monday. Or maybe you want to make a real vacation of it (we hear the Jimmy Carter Library is lovely this time of year) and do a Thursday to Tuesday deal.

In any case, while you?re hemming and hawing, those ticket prices are continuing to rise.

That?s why you need Level Skies, a new travel search engine that allows you to lock in airline prices without committing to buy.

Get started by selecting your departure and arrival cities and potential travel date range. Level Skies will then give you a guaranteed price quote (typically $20 more than the lowest going rate) that?s good for any combination of those days.

When you?re ready to seal the deal--you have four weeks to decide--simply tell Level Skies your final dates and choose from a list of corresponding itineraries on various participating carriers. If the price has gone up, you?ll still pay your locked-in rate. If it?s gone down, they?ll refund you the difference.

Decide you never liked cousin Al after all? You can cancel your reservation altogether and get back 95 percent of your original quoted fare.

Being noncommittal never felt so good.

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