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You love your dog/cat/newt dearly, and there?s nothing you wouldn?t do in the name of his health. But $6,000 for cataract surgery?! Holy furballs, vet bills can be expensive.

Here, a few clever ways to save on costs while still providing Mr. Whiskers with excellent care:

Fill pet prescriptions at a human pharmacy If your pet needs a medication that?s also prescribed for people, you can save big by filling it outside the vet?s office, where prices are often marked up a whopping 100 percent. Both Walgreens and Target even allow you to put pets on the family Rx plan.

Consider pet insurance Comprehensive pet insurance plans typically cost about $30 per month and kick in after a small deductible. Unfortunately, insurance won?t cover anything deemed a preexisting condition, so if you go this route you?ll need to enroll your pets while they're still young and healthy.

Apply for CareCredit If you don?t have the funds to pay off a large bill, consider this pet-friendly credit card, which can be used only for medical purposes but offers zero-percent interest if you pay it off in a timely fashion.

Go where care is cheapest The $6,000 cataract surgery? That?s Manhattan pricing. We called a vet in Syracuse, New York, who offered to do the exact same procedure for only $4,500. Road trip, anyone?

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