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A new way to ship for less.
Easy does it.

Scenario: Your doddering Aunt Bathsheba has finally decided to bequeath you her 19th-century secretary desk...provided you figure out how to get it from Tulsa to San Diego.

The good news? It’ll look downright amazing in your entryway. The bad news? Shipping is expensive, and you don’t know how much is too much to spend.

That’s where ShipHawk comes in.

The nine-month-old company basically works like a Priceline for shipping services, helping you comparison-shop movers and facilitating everything you’ll need for pickup and delivery.

Get started by plugging in the specifics of what you’re sending (fabulous desk, 42 by 36 inches, 110 pounds, $700 value) and where it’s coming from and going to. ShipHawk will then ask if you want it professionally packed (if not, they’ll help you order the appropriate packing materials) and generate a list of local shippers that are willing to do your move. You can sort said movers by price quotes and estimated delivery dates, and once you’ve found a carrier you like, book the service with just a few clicks.

For our hypothetical desk move, we found quotes ranging from $300 to a few thousand bucks (we went with a lower-end option, since it's not like we'd need the thing tomorrow).

Aunt Bathsheba, the thank-you note is en route.

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