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We’re all for board games that glorify ore and wheat production. But sometimes you just want to sit by the fire and go head-to-head with your loved ones in the eternal quest for fiscal responsibility.


Enter Daytrader, a new game that simulates the thrills and chills of building a business, playing the market and retiring super stinking rich.

And yes, we promise: It’s legitimately a lot of fun.

Essentially a combination of Monopoly, Life and general Wall Street hustling, Daytrader ($35) is your standard roll the die/move your piece/collect your money board game. The difference is that, as you go, you get to work in an industry (we chose technology), increase your salary and buy or sell stock as opportunities arise. (Just watch out for the dreaded “income tax” square--it’s a doozy.) The first person to cash in their stock options and retire with 3 mil in the bank goes home the winner.

We particularly love the packaging, which brings to mind a ’50s-era Careers box. But even more impressive is the way the game play is designed. It’s challenging--but not impossible--and you really do develop strategies for making money in an ever-volatile market.

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