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There?s a small piece of plastic that?s been getting a lot of buzz. It?s called Coin, and it promises to free you from all those credit cards you?ve been schlepping around for the past, oh, 20 years.

Essentially an all-in-one card ($100, no setup fee), Coin stores electronic versions of your traditional cards (AmEx, Visa, ATM, etc). Then, every time you go to make a payment or take out cash, you choose which ?real? card you want to use with a few taps, and the transaction will go through on that account.

Uploading your card info onto Coin is easy (we promise), and the device itself is incredibly secure. You have to enter a passcode to use it, and it automatically locks your private data whenever you, say, hand it off to a busy waitress.

Plus, should you leave it behind at a bar/store/airport bathroom, your phone knows and will instantly send you an alert.

We don?t love that first-generation Coins are expected to die after about two years (the battery will run out) or that the limited warranty protects only against a defective device (and not, like, credit fraud).

Still, it?s worth a try for anyone who considers herself an early adopter.

Coin is currently available for preorder and will ship this summer.

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