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Still struggling with what to give your tween stepsister who doesn’t like anything (including One Direction) or your eco-conscious Secret Santa who’s allergic to everything (especially fun)?

There’s always a gift card.

Here, four smart ways to snag that magic piece of plastic for less.

Purchase other people’s unwanted cards Sites like Gift Card Granny, Cardpool and GiftCardRescue buy unused gift cards from consumers and resell them, often for less than face value. (We recently scored a $50 Barnes & Noble card for a cool $42.50.)

Cash in your coins Gather up your spare change and deposit it into any Coinstar machine. In exchange, you can choose a gift card from one of several national retailers. (Think Home Depot or Starbucks; offers vary by location.)

Redeem your credit-card rewards Check your credit card’s website for specifics, but note that most companies will let you trade in points for popular retailer gift cards at a pretty sweet redemption rate.

Buy them in bulk Purchase several cards at once through Sam’s Club’s Extreme Value Gift Card program and you can get a discount of up to 20 percent per card. Just be sure to leave room in your cart for several gallons of olive oil and a jumbo-size box of Q-tips.

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