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Make money off your old phone
You can get $180 for this.

When the time comes to upgrade your phone, take a cue from Ivana Trump and make some dough off that (digital) ex.

Here, four easy ways to turn your cell into cold, hard cash:

Hawk it to a third party Websites like Gazelle and uSell make it easy to dump your old baggage. Just answer a few questions about your phone?s condition, get a price quote and mail in that sucker to receive your reimbursement check. (We got $130 for our two-year-old Droid.)

Sell it back to its maker Peddle your old iPhone to Apple?s Reuse and Recycling Program and get a gift card to use toward your new one. (A pristine 4S will net you $180.) Or, if you?re a Samsung devotee, return your old clunker to the company and receive a prepaid Visa card (up to $300).

Trade it in with your carrier You pay them an ungodly amount each month for 4 GB of data, so why not make a little back? All the major providers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile) will swap your hand-me-down for money toward a new phone or account credit.

Repurpose it This option may not bring you any cash, but it will help you avoid shelling out more. Simply deactivate your old phone and use it as an MP3 player. Or pass the working handheld along to one of your children. Your trash just might be your tween?s new text-enabled treasure.

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