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An app that makes dividing checks easy
Well, this is awkward.

Every group of friends has a math wizard--the one who snatches the check at the end of the evening, does 30 seconds of in-their-head arithmetic and spouts out the amount everybody owes.

To that person: We regret to inform you that your services are no longer needed.

Our new (and honestly less know-it-all-y) friend is Tab, an Android and iPhone app that analyzes the check and quickly determines what everyone should pay.

The way it works is pretty genius. When your bill arrives, launch the app and snap a photo of the itemized receipt. Tab will automatically upload each item ordered and prompt you to pass around the phone so everybody can put their initials next to who got what. (Fear not, plate sharers: More than one person can claim a dish.)

You can manually add or subtract anything necessary (say, that glass of wine you’d rather just pay for in cash). And if the purpose of the night was to treat Grandma Ruth to a lavish hibachi dinner, you can easily split her onion volcano amongst all the other guests.

Finish by selecting a tip percentage and hitting “total,” and Tab will instantaneously assign everybody a dollar amount.

Now, if only there were a way to avoid paying on eight different credit cards...

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