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Retirement is a life stage usually thought about in terms of rounds of golf, 5 p.m. dinners and kooky old-lady affectations. But the truth is, you need to have the proper savings in order to be able to enjoy your next chapter.

Luckily, retirement planning doesn?t have to be a buzzkill. In fact, it?s a conversation you can start with your best girlfriends, well, whenever--and one that?s pretty much guaranteed to broaden your worldview.

Here, a few tips on how to get talking:

1. Prepare. Before you talk with anyone--even your BFF since preschool--write down a few ideas about your goals and strategies. What?s your investment status? What do you want out of your 401(k)? How do you feel about your spending?

2. Engage. When you do sit down with your pals, pepper them with questions. A fabulous icebreaker might be ?Who do you talk with about money?? or ?What?s your dream vacation--and how much does it cost??

3. Go pro. Reach out to a financial advisor or retirement specialist. 

4. Keep the discussion going. As life changes, so will your financial goals. Keep your friends in the loop...and your eyes on that early-bird special.

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