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This washing machine could be yours... for $150 off retail.

Comparison shopping for clothing is one thing (trying on 8 million peplum skirts = fun times). Comparison shopping for a dishwasher on the other hand is, well... [insert emphatic yawn here].

That’s why we’re so jazzed to have discovered Greentoe, a new website that lets you name your price and wait for retailers to accept or reject your offer.

Think of it as Priceline for appliances, though it also has electronics, baby products and musical instruments. Upon logging in, search for the product you’re after--say, a smart LED TV or sexy front-loading washer--and see how much the item typically goes for. (The average price for the washer, for instance, is $842.)

Next, plug in the price you want to pay and Greentoe will let you know if you’re being realistic (our offer of $750 was indicated as 90 percent likely to succeed) before reaching out to authorized retailers like Sears and Best Buy. The first company to accept your bid gets the sale.

Greentoe CEO Joe Marrapodi says most customers can expect to save about 20 percent off retail pricing--which isn’t small potatoes when you’re talking about a $1,500 camera. Plus, we’re up for anything that eliminates in-person haggling with a salesman.

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