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Lemon Wallet
Break up with your fat wallet.

Not to make you all self-conscious, but we?ve noticed that your wallet has gotten a little bloated recently.

One way to slim down that puppy is Lemon Wallet, a free app that stores digital versions of your physical plastic cards.

Here?s how it works: Upon downloading, you?ll be prompted to select a very-super-secure PIN and start adding cards to your virtual wallet--anything from your Amex to your library card to your Sam?s Club membership. (It?s a quick two-step process, and this is how the info will show up on your phone.)

You can then do several things with your fabulous new cyber account.

1. Use some, but not all, of your virtual cards at many real-life establishments. We got away with flashing our virtual gym membership and insurance ID, but not our credit card or office building pass. Oh, and that TSA agent still wanted to see our honest-to-goodness driver?s license.

2. When shopping on your mobile device, you can pull all of your credit card and billing info without having to enter anything manually.

3. The next time you forget--or, God forbid, lose--your wallet, you can take solace that everything is backed up.

In other words, while the app doesn?t exactly warrant cutting up all of your plastic, it?s definitely an interesting step on the road to financial digitalization.

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