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As much as we like the satisfying rrrrip of tearing out a check, we've finally conceded that paying bills online is just plain simpler (not to mention greener). What's not simple, however, is the number of accounts, logins, passwords and due dates you have to negotiate once you go paperless.

Not so, says, a new, free web service that helps you manage all your bills and accounts in one place.

Once you sign up, you'll be prompted to link up as many accounts as you like--household bills, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, airline-rewards programs, etc. Next you'll create a secure login (Manilla uses highly-monitored SLL bank-level security encryption, but you'll still want to change your password regularly). And voilà: You can begin paying your cell phone, cable and credit card bills via one single website.

In addition to its streamlined process, we love that Manilla sends us friendly reminders so we never miss a payment (and in turn have our electricity turned off) and that they store all documents automatically and securely for easy, any-time retrieval.

Your overflowing filing cabinet just breathed a sigh of relief.

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