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Comparison-shop for car insurance with Zebra
Hope she has insurance.

Remember how you used to buy plane tickets? You’d call the travel agent, she’d hunt around, inform you of your options, then--after waiting like four days to call you back--book you on the 6:45 am to Beijing.

Then you discovered Internet search engines. Oh, happy day.

You’re about to feel the same way about car insurance, thanks to Zebra.

Kind of like Kayak or Orbitz but for your automotive policy, Zebra is a free search engine that helps you research and apply for various insurance plans.

Get started by telling Zebra your zip code and vehicle type. Then input your birth date, credit score, marital status and general driving record (ahem, accidents in the past five years) and whether you’ll be adding any other drivers to the policy. Zebra will then scan its 200-plus insurance carriers and let you know which policies you can sign up for--sorted by estimated monthly payment.

You can click on each carrier to see the plan specifics (“Hmm, State Farm offers emergency road service, but Allstate doesn’t...”) and go directly to apply for coverage.

We told Zebra we wanted to insure our new (to us) 2010 Hyundai Sonata and learned our best and cheapest option was Geico--at an estimated $130 a month.


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