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RadPad sends your rent check for you
No, your landlady doesn't accept PayPal.

In an age when your robot can order your movie tickets and you can pay your electric bill and Visa statement online, doesn’t it seem antiquated to pay your rent by check? (You tried to get Mrs. Dublowski to use PayPal, but she’s still confused by the concept of “Internetting.”)

Here to help is RadPad, a revolutionary new service that lets you pay your rent by debit or credit card, then cuts a check and sends it to your landlord. (You could also use it for mortgage payments, though most banks allow free online transfers.)

The basics: You securely link up your credit or debit information, input your landlord’s address, then tell RadPad how much you want to pay. RadPad will then charge you for the payment amount, cut a check on your behalf and mail it off to Old Mrs. Dublowski. She cashes the check. Everyone is happy.

So how much does this genius service cost? Well, it’s definitely a better deal to pay by debit card--that costs $5. If you use a credit card, RadPad charges a whopping 3.25 percent. (For reference, that's $39 for a $1,200 check.)

Five bucks a month for debit payments, however, strikes us as totally fair. And, hey, it saves you a stamp.

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