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The app that rewards you for walking into stores
FLOTUS: They're just like us.

You get rewarded for using your credit card, for flying your preferred airline, heck, even for bringing a reusable bowl to the salad place. (Free croutons, here you come!)

But walking into Target? Now that’s just crazy talk.

Not so when you use Shopkick, an app that pays you in gifts or gift cards for going to various stores and doing various things there. (Nothing weird. Don’t worry.)

The specifics: Download the Android or iPhone app and leave it running in the background of your phone. Then, anytime you go into one of Shopkick’s 150 partnered retailers (places like Macy’s, Best Buy and Crate & Barrel), it will automatically know and reward you with varying numbers of points. While you’re in said store, you can also use your phone to scan products’ QR codes and quickly bank even more points.

We, for instance, recently got 50 points for walking into JCPenney and 25 points for scanning a Liz Claiborne sweater. And we could have earned upwards of 1,000 points had we actually bought something.

Once you’ve accumulated a cache of points, you can trade them in--much like credit-card rewards--for things like a $5 Starbucks gift card (1,250 points, which took us about a week to rack up) or an iPad Air (125,000 points, a number in our far, far future).

Hey, you’ve earned it, baby.

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