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An index fund for women-empowered companies
Get it, girls.

Looking at a list of the country?s top CEOs is way depressing: men, men and more men. Dig deeper--into the advisory boards and top management positions--and the numbers are even yuckier.

Dammit, glass ceiling. Are you really still a thing?

Luckily, there?s a new way to support companies that advance women?s leadership: the Pax Ellevate Global Women?s Index Fund.

As with any mutual fund, when you add the Pax Ellevate Index to your portfolio, you?re investing in 400-plus companies that have been carefully chosen as consistent performers with a high return on investment. The difference here is that all these companies are also leaders in terms of supporting women in management.

What does that mean? Well, each holding is rated on factors like women board members, women in high-level executive roles and women in CEO and CFO positions. All the companies in the fund have at least one female board member, and 24 percent have a woman in a senior management position (compared with the 11 percent average).

Even if you?re not ready to buy into the fund, it?s fun to browse the leading companies (which include Avon, Procter & Gamble and Xerox) to see which products and services are worth supporting.

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