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Salary Fairy predicts your market worth
Is that jerk three cubes down earning more than you?

Ever wonder if your salary accurately reflects your market value? (Or if your idiot coworker Martin is secretly making $10K more than you are?)

While you’ll never be able to march up to Martin’s desk and ask him outright, there’s now a cool new tool for figuring out your worth: Salary Fairy, a website that leverages the power of crowdsourcing to determine your earning potential.

The way it works is remarkably simple. You create an account by linking up your LinkedIn profile. Salary Fairy then pulls your LinkedIn data into a simple, anonymous résumé (including your work history, education and city, but not your name or address). From this information alone, other users--who are deemed qualified based on their location and field--are encouraged to take bets on what you’re making. Once a statistically significant number of guessers have weighed in (folks with really poor prediction rates are automatically discounted), Salary Fairy will email you with your estimated worth.

Though it’s obviously titillating to see where you stand compensation-wise, the process of guessing other people’s salaries is also weirdly addictive.

And should you discover your salary is woefully below market value? Hey, that’s just more ammo when gunning for that raise next December.

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