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Hotel upgrades. Airline miles. Toasters. Is there anything credit card points can’t buy?

But before you get all swipey-swipey, why not make sure you’re using the right card for the right purchase?

That’s where Wallaby comes in.

Wallaby is an app and Google Chrome extension (we’ll explain what that is) that helps you figure out which credit card to use for any given purchase.

Let’s start with the app. Upon downloading, you securely link up all of your credit cards so Wallaby has them on file. Then, the next time you’re out and about--say, at the local burger joint--the app will automatically know where you are and tell you which piece of plastic will get you the most bang for your buck there. (In this instance, it suggested our Chase Freedom card, which earns us 5 percent cash back at restaurants this quarter.)

For online shopping, you’ll want to download the Wallaby Chrome extension (it’s basically a little widget that lives on the Google Chrome browser’s tool bar). Whenever you’re about to buy something, click the widget and it’ll tell you which card to go with. (J.Crew bikini: Bank of America Visa. Trip to Denver: American Express Gold Delta.)

Look at you, squeezing every penny.

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