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As a frequent flyer, you know the drill for cutting corners: Carry-on luggage only. TSA PreCheck or bust. 

But no matter how much you like to game the process, you?re still flying on a public aircraft, usually from unlovely, snarling LAX. 

Had enough, weary traveler? Meet Surfair, a new fleet of private jets departing from regional airports in San Francisco, Burbank and Santa Barbara--and soon, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.

Just book any of the 18-plus flights a day from your smartphone and arrive at the airport 15 minutes before takeoff. An airline concierge speeds you through security, then settles you into a six-passenger plane with a BMW-designed interior (love these leather seats).

Of course, all this convenience and comfort don?t come cheap: An all-you-can-fly monthly membership is $1,600, which sounds like a lot until you consider that a ticket between Los Angeles and San Francisco can cost upwards of $300--one way if you buy last-minute. 

So if you?re a bird of passage, get ready to lean back, relax and forget all about LAX.

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