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CrossFit Santa Monica
No promises, but you could make this happen.

OK, fitness fanatic: You’ve climbed, stretched and even electroshocked your way across town. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Get ready for Hell Week.

At the new CrossFit Santa Monica, two Navy SEAL veterans are behind the hardest iteration of CrossFit to hit L.A. Their regime is taken straight out of the Navy SEAL Hell Week playbook. Picture endless running and push-ups on the beach, rope climbs and treading water for a half hour with your arms tied behind your back.

Co-owner Carter Gaffney says these and other drills--including exercise “punishments” if you’re lagging (so Officer and a Gentleman!)--are all in good fun, and nobody is pushed too hard. He claims that no one has cried, though he admitted that several clients couldn’t move their arms for days afterward.

We say start with the S-M-X interval class (your first one is free!) and see how you do. Who knows: You may just get a new career out of it. 

CrossFit Santa Monica, Edgemar Center, 2433 Main St., Santa Monica; 616-320-8437 or

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