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Kristie Streicher's Feathered Brow treatment
My eyes are up here, fella

At a recent party in Venice, we couldn?t stop staring at the blonde with the standout eyebrows. Turns out, it was Kristie Streicher, the makeup artist behind Julia Roberts?s and Rachel Weisz?s caterpillar brows.  

And now you don?t need an Oscar to get her ?feathered brow? treatment. 

Settle into Streicher?s chair at Warren-Tricomi and relax as she applies a vegetable dye that enriches hair color and slightly stains skin. Next comes the skin-softening Aforé Oil to prep for easy plucking. Finally, this maquillage Michelangelo sculpts hairs into an arch, tweezing every other inner hair and outer straggler. 

And, wait--she?s not finished yet.  

After a swipe of Après Calming Cream, Streicher shows you how to use a Kimiko brow pencil and brush inner hairs up and middle hairs outward. Like any pricey preening (Streicher charges $150; apprentices cost $85), there?s upkeep. Thankfully, she does the heavy lifting every few months; you just need to commit to a daily swipe with a brow brush and Mary Kay clear brow gel to keep your youthful look.   

The effect is a longer brow that lifts attention away from dark circles. And did we mention that there?s no wax?

KS Beauty Bar, Warren-Tricomi Salon, 8327 Melrose Ave.; 323-651-4545 or

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