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Fruute's Zen cookie basket comes with rose-scented incense

Food equals love, right? Well, we?re crushing hard on a new assortment of cookie gift boxes from Los Angeles bakers Früute. Sure, everyone loves a cookie, but what?s so special about these? 

No Chips Ahoy here. In 21 refined flavors, these beauties appeal to an adult palate. 

You can taste the fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the lemon poppy, and the lavender noir--well, just imagine a teardrop-shaped Oreo, except with dark-chocolate wafers and lavender cream. As for the salted caramel--who knew a shortbread cookie could get even better with a dose of caramel and sea salt? 

They?re for the diet-conscious. Each cookie is about two inches square and only four ounces. So you can indulge in three cookies for the guilt of one! 

They?re for people with a sense of humor. Cookies arrive in felt baskets (from $45) with your personalized message in a test tube (message in a bottle, get it?). They come with gifts, too. For your just-promoted pal, choose a beautiful desk accessory. For your friend who needs to relax, send incense.  

And for your newly single bestie, there?s a special toy.

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