Building Block
Building Block reimagines the duffel

These days, we can?t walk down West Third Street without seeing fancy leather goods covered in logos--from the strident to the subtle to everything in between. 

So we let out a sigh of relief when we discovered Building Block, a brand with the appeal of being decidedly not about conspicuous consumption.

The Los Angeles-made line is easily identifiable by its simple geometric shapes and sturdy-yet-sleek materials like leather, canvas and rubber but is free of exterior labels or icons. Wristlets, either in white canvas ($170) or black leather ($380), are petite cylinders that fit more than your average mini purse. The lightweight shoulder bag ($260), made of camel leather rectangles with an understated tassel, pairs perfectly with spring whites. 

But our must-have piece is the iPhone sling ($90), a no-frills leather pouch designed to hold a phone and a credit card. It?s the perfect accessory for those days when all you can manage to carry is the essentials.  

Building Block?s bags are elegantly stripped of ornament--and that?s what makes them really stand out from the crowd.

Available at Creatures of Comfort (7971 Melrose Ave.; 323-655-7855) or at Building Block?s new showroom (1727 N. Spring St.);

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