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When it comes to fitness, it often seems as if we've tried it all before. Then someone comes along and builds a better mousetrap--or Pilates Reformer, as the case may be.

That's the secret at The Studio (MDR), the Marina del Rey storefront that opened this year. The Studio deploys patent-pending Megaformer machines, souped-up variations on the classic Pilates Reformer that devotees claim enables smoother workouts with more variation.

And under star teacher Ky Evans, you'll get quite a workout. Evans's infectious, hyperkinetic manner, laser-like assessment of clients' placement (as well as their muscle exhaustion point) and mastery of hundreds of exercises (many developed by him) make for a wild ride of a 50-minute "Kylates" class. Unlike most Pilates sessions, it includes cardio as well as strength training. Workouts make newbie muscles sore for a good three days; even longtime clients feel the burn, since Evans continually changes his moves.

Perhaps best of all, there's even some instant gratification at The Studio (MDR): It sells colorful half-toe socks with grip ($15) to aid in quick, sure-footed hopping around the Megaformer.

The Studio (MDR), 330 Washington Blvd., Suite C, Marina del Rey;

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