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Wildflowering L.A.
Yellow Tidy Tips flower on a front lawn in the Wildflowering L.A. project

Art and fragrance lovers. Art and cat fanciers. And now, the thriving worlds of Los Angeles art scene and gardening enthusiasts are cross-pollinating in an exhibit sure to make you smile. It?s called Wildflowering L.A., and it?s blooming in open lots across the city. 

Created by local artist Fritz Haeg, Wildflowering L.A. is a collection of 50 parcels of land--think front yards, streets, schools throughout the city--that were planted with native flower seeds last fall and are now brilliant clusters of waving blossoms.

The seed of Haeg?s inspiration was an influential 1971 book called Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies, which parses our land into Coastal, Flatland, Hillside and Roadside types. Haeg prepped a wildflower mix for each, and thanks to a few saving rains, the blooms are starting to explode.

Check the website?s map listing locations in full bloom. Then download the PDF of addresses grouped by neighborhood; take it with you to find a plot of erect, daisy-like yellow Tidy Tips; waving, cloud-like white yarrow; vivid orange California poppies; and more.

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