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Pet Earthquake Kits
You wouldn't forget about me during The Big One, would you?

We don?t want to be a doggie downer, but two sizable quakes in two weeks has us worried we?re not ready to protect our furry best friend in case of a major rumble. So how do we get Bubbles earthquake-ready?

? Start with a pre-assembled kit including first aid Essential Packs? Emergency Kit for Dogs ($60) saves you from running all over town, since it has a three-day supply of food and water, antibiotic ointment, leg splints and more. There?s even a squeaky toy.

Learn mouth-to-snout resuscitation Know how to treat a golden doodle in shock? Neither do we! But we will after a daylong class ($120) on rescue breathing, bleeding protocols and more basic topics like dental and senior pet care.

? Display a pet alert sign Stick a 911 decal in a front window for rescue workers. (Cuteness alert: There are decals customized to your dog?s breed.)  

? Tag and microchip them Keep your pet?s name along with your own name and address on him at all times. You can also get him micro-chipped, a process by which a rice-grain-sized chip with a special number is inserted into the skin around his neck. Vets charge about $45--but we think the peace of mind it provides is priceless.

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