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L.A. Derby Dolls
A Derby Doll in action
Photo by Marc Campos

For those times when yoga?s chill vibe just isn?t cutting it, may we suggest an aggro-friendly workout? 

Welcome to the wild world of derby. And now you can join in with derby skating lessons from local group the L.A. Derby Dolls.

Ladies, tie your laces. 

First, some quick background: The L.A. Derby Dolls are female amateur roller skaters who compete in high-impact races at their Filipinotown rink, aka ?the Doll Factory.? To see the sport in action, Netflix Drew Barrymore?s fun movie Whip It or go to a bout.

On April 19, you can see a raucous match in person. But before then, take a leap of faith into the Dolls-run training program. Several days a week, everyone from neophyte skaters to experienced roller girls are taught by women with noms de skate like Shady Hawkins and Napollyanna Dynomight. 

No gear? No problem--the Derby Dolls have loaner gear on-site, just bring a mouth guard, wrist guards and a photocopy of your insurance card to each $10 class. The first thing you learn is how to fall safely (hint: tuck and use your pads), then how to stride, jump and, finally, to whip. 

Here?s your decades-late chance to be the cool girl at the roller rink. 

L.A. Derby Dolls, 1910 W. Temple St.;

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