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Let us now praise the humble jean jacket. From casual beachcombing to the Met Ball, it really does wear well anywhere.

And now we?ve found a new way to love it: by emblazoning it with a bright swatch of fabric, courtesy of Gull + Marie

This Los Angeles-based company sews back panels--made from Native American weavings, Indian ikats and bright Mexican serapes--onto jackets or vests for adults ($90) and kids ($50). 

We know, you want one now. Here?s how it works: Go to the Gull + Marie website and choose one of 22 patterns in 24 sizes. Then designer Tiana Gallagher will customize a pre-loved, thrift-shop-found jacket exactly to your needs. 

For the same price ($90), you can send her an item you already own, or one you?ve purchased specially to jazz up. (How cute would this white version look with some warm red-and-pink stripes on its back?) 

The next time you?re cruising Abbot Kinney, stop into Firefly to check out Gull + Marie designs. A word of advice--when you wear one, have the brand?s contact info handy, since you?re going to get lots of ?Where?d you get that great jacket?? comments. 

Firefly, 1409 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice; 310-450-6288 or

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