Tote Bag Design Contest
One of these may wind up in your shopping cart

Did you know the mayor?s office wants to give you a free (Reusable! Lightweight!) shopping tote--and wants you to design it? 

Not to worry: Tax dollars aren?t paying for the privately funded Tote Bag Design Contest. Mayor Garcetti and council member Paul Koretz are asking John Q. Public for a great logo to emblazon on these bags via an online competition through which we can all submit ideas and choose a favorite design. 

Click here to upload a design or to vote; you can also share the bags you like on Facebook or Twitter. While we fancy a couple of the current contenders (a simple sun, this hand sign), we?re making a public plea for entries from hotshots like Barbara Bestor of Sisters of L.A., poster pro Geoff Mcfetridge, one of the geniuses here or even you, dear reader. 

Besides being eco-friendly, the bag initiative is creating jobs: Green Vets Los Angeles will sew the bags, and Homeboy Industries will silk-screen them. The winning design will be chosen before Earth Day on April 22. Long-range plans are to give one to everybody in Los Angeles County--all 3.9 million of us.

So design, vote and tote.

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