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You might call us a fashion locavore--we love to seek out and support our neighbor designers, whether we?re buying casual shoes or red-carpet event wear

So we were excited to discover the arty new collection from Kieley Kimmel, a Highland Park local whose clothing designs are a combination of sleek lines and handmade prints inspired by the great outdoors.

We?ve been rolling out of bed in her silk drawstring pants ($264) on the way to the farmer?s market in Larchmont Village before brunching at Café Gratitude. (Locavore fashion for our locavore Sundays.) 

Unlike many fledgling designers (she?s only on her third collection), Kimmel custom-prints her own fabrics. It?s a labor-intensive process: She takes photos (past subjects include clouds and the desert), then hand-paints the prints. Next she imports the colorfully layered images into Photoshop and manipulates them until she gets the effect she wants--the expressionistic design on this yellow dress ($485), the muted stripe in these pants, the image of hazy clouds on this top ($222).

We?re looking forward to cruising the block in more of Kimmel?s feel-good fashion.

Available at Tenoversix, 8425 Melrose Ave.; 323-330-9355 or

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