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Who would have thought that in today?s fast-paced world, the coolest branding tool just might be a throwback to the 1800s?

Ladies, meet the modern calling card.

Nicole Katz, owner of Paper Chase Press in Hollywood, reports that many of her clients are dropping job titles and addresses, opting instead for cards with just their name, telephone number and--because it is 2014--social media handle. In other words, the contemporary equivalent of something like this

Make an appointment at Paper Chase?s bright storefront to get colorful, cool cards for as little as $.40 each. Bring in a pdf of your design (either self-designed or laid out by a pro like James Brundage, who works with the creative services department). Select your paper (we like the matte), size and color (definitely go for edges ?gilded? in hot hues like magenta, turquoise or red). And then give the thumbs-up after reviewing a proof with an in-house designer. 

Just remember Emily Post?s edict on the matter: ?A fantastic or garish note...betrays a lack of taste in the owner of the card.?

Paper Chase Press, 7176 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-874-2300 or

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