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It?s certainly fun to try on new fragrances--but if you've ever had trouble making a decision at the perfume counter, you're not alone. That?s why we?re impressed with Los Angeles-based Commodity Goods, a company that has come up with a novel way to test-spritz fragrances at home.

It works like this: You order a Fitting Kit ($9) of ten perfume samples including Tea, Dew and Magnolia online. Each scent is made at a 160-year-old French perfume house, with oil bases ranging from 26 to 30 percent. (That?s a concentration comparable to Le Labo or Tom Ford, in case you were wondering.)  

Once your sample tubes arrive in the mail, you can try a different one each day to see which evolves best with your body chemistry and, of course, which you like the most. We especially warm to bergamot and vanilla, so we loved the sexy-smelling Gold fragrance that came in our batch. We also liked Mimosa, which is made with blood orange and ylang-ylang, and the wild card, Paper, a light and unisex cedarwood-based scent. 

Once you?ve finished sampling, you can apply the $9 kit price toward a full-size bottle ($108) or a trio of scents ($48). 

Smells like a good buy to us.

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