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Look, we?re not the romantic sort. Partners and secret crushes come and go--but there?s only one who always melts our heart. 

So on Valentine?s Day, we?re remembering our sweetheart with a gift from the Barktorialist. The Los Angeles-based blog for people who love fashion and their pets equally has just launched an e-commerce store full of original bow-wow gifts. 

To rest on the mantle, we love the pet portraits. The Regal Beagle design service takes a photo of your darling and in two weeks, sends you a proof of it transposed it onto an Old Masters painting of your choice. Next you?re sent a portrait (from $170), stretched on canvas, of your pooch, pussycat or parakeet as the Mona Lisa or King Henry II.

Or perhaps you?re planning on the classic gift of jewelry? Turn Fifi?s collar into a charm bracelet with witty pendants ($40) that say things like ?I will trash? or ?I thy postman.?  Or go simple with one-word messages like "Ruler" on charms designed by jewelry designer Kelly Gerber for the Barktorialist.

If you must, you can throw your human Valentine a bone with a photo-printed dog tag to wear around his collar (from $200). And here's something to wag your tail about--through February 28, PureWow readers get 10 percent off all Barktorialist purchases by entering PURELOVE at checkout.

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