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Finally, the L.A. juice craze has given us what we really want--not a detox, not a deeper state of meditation, but juices that are made to be spiked. 

Thank you, Paleta Pressed Potables, for getting real and creating six mixers ($18 to $20 each) that make fancy home bartending as easy as popping a bottle of wine. 

We hosted a small get-together to taste-test the line, and our thirst was exotically quenched. The Coco Colada Crush (coconut water, pineapple, lime) was our favorite, a mellow sip when paired with white rum. The fragrant Prickly Pear Cosmo mix (prickly pear cactus, Bosc pear, aloe, lemon) was delicious with a splash of white wine and in a makeshift Pimm?s Cup with gin, cucumbers and oranges. The Apple Orchard Tini tasted great with vodka and a dash of tonic water.

While the Sunshine State Sunrise (orange, grapefruit, ginger, alkalized water, cayenne) should be left to cayenne lovers, this evening was the most fun we?ve had playing bartender.  

Paleta claims that the no-added-sugar, organic profile of its drinks helps stave off hangovers, which was hard to believe until we woke up after our little tasting party with nary a headache or groggy step. We even opted to toast the day with another pour of the juice for breakfast--sans liquor.

Paleta Pressed Potables; 310-328-7253 or

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